Inspired by a Black Hole, this speaker’s design makes you ‘gravitate’ towards it!

It stands to reason that if you pull inspiration from literally one of the most mysteriously awe-striking and beautiful phenomena in our universe, you’ll have a product that will echo those very same characteristics. Behold the Black Hole Speaker… designed to attract your attention the way a black hole attracts all mass. Based on the design of the Harman Kardon Aura, with a few tweaks and changes to give it intergalactic appeal, the Black Hole sports a warped torus design, with a hyperbolic base, and quite literally a black hole at the very center of the torus.

The Black Hole speaker comes with a speckled design on its black base that resembles stars being pulled into the void, along with a concentric ripple texture that is symbolic of a black hole’s ability to create ripples in time and space. It’s all incredibly symbolic!

The speaker runs on Bluetooth (because there are no wires in outer space), and if you dare to approach it, there’s a control panel around its event horizon. The only thing missing? A Stephen Hawking or Carl Sagan-style voice assistant!

The Black Hole Speaker is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2020

Designers: Arvin Maleki & Ayda Mohseni