ADM (Analogue/Digital Mixer) by Christian Sterngren

ADM is a concept for managing music productions on a mixerboard. The concept is based on visualising the actual route of the audio signal, using traditional paraphernalia in a structured way and in different combinations.

Mixerboards have gone through a tremendous process of development since the first analogue mixers. Since the introduction of digital mixers the possibilities for audio management have become even greater.

The design of today´s mixer board offers an array of control possibilities. Much has been gained but some things have been lost. Other things are the same, perhaps due to necessity or perhaps out of plain habit.

The concept includes a way of visualising the actual signal so that the user knows exactly how and where the audio signal is being manipulated. Also the possibilities of integrating the vintage feel of the analogue mixer boards has been explored.

Designer: Christian Sterngren