This sleek home office desk organizes cluttered workspace, retaining a warm yet minimal aesthetic

Meet Blis, a minimalistic office desk centered on the friendly, warm, and homely element – keeping in mind that it’s going to adorn your living space.

These days work from home regime is a common affair and hitting the sweet spot for a productive work routine is hard to strive at times. There’re so many distractions around (audio and visual) it gets super hard to concentrate. How the home office desk is set up has a huge bearing on the focus – reason enough for so much fuzz around such desks. The Blis Home Office Desk designed by Rodrigo Torres for MUMA is a testament to the fact that work from home setup doesn’t necessarily be brimmed with geeky stuff.

The cool desk design keeps the wire clutter to a minimum for a clean look, hiding them from plain sight in the funneled legs. While it gives the impression of a very simple desk, there are inclusions that enhance the tidiness aspect further. There’s a sleek groove on the back section to store anything from files, papers, or pens to folders or charging cables. This section has an embedded board on top to pin all your important tasks, reminders or calendar events, or photos of loved ones to be always in a blissful frame of mind.

The desk has an elevated section on the other side for planters, pen stands or other props to keep things organized without much effort. On the bottom, there is a storage box that can move independently in the vertical direction too. The designer has incorporated the wooden inserts with the highest quality surface laminates by Wilsonart for years of durability. The Blis Home Office Desk comes in cool white silver, black and dusted grey finish that will go with any home interior without a semblance of doubt.

The furniture piece is the ideal setup for any work from home regime – especially for people who value a very sleek aesthetic for anything they sport in their home interiors. I would definitely like to have this desk as a part of my WFH schedule for peak focus sessions!

Designer:  Rodrigo Torres