iPhone 13 Designs to satisfy Apple lovers until the official launch this month!

The iPhone is pretty much one of the most popular phones in the world. I mean I’ve been using one for the past 7 years, and I don’t think I’m transitioning to any other smartphone company anytime soon. And, news about the upcoming iPhone 13 has been making waves in the tech world! We don’t know exactly when it’ll be launched, but we are hoping it’s this month! But we did recently hear a rumor from renowned analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, that the iPhone 13 may be the first consumer-grade phone to have direct satellite connectivity! Of course, there are other upgrades Apple may introduce in the iPhone 13, including a smaller notch, larger batteries, and even supersized new cameras. As we wait for the tech giant to release its latest smartphone, let’s deep dive into some of the innovative and exciting iPhone 13 concepts that have been circulating in the design world! From a concept that ditches the notch for a bump to a foldable iPhone 13 concept – these conceptual designs have us completely geared up and excited for the real deal!

This concept by Antonio De Rosa ushers in a new age for a new iPhone – the M1 iPhone. The ‘beauty on the inside’ for this concept is surely its M1 chip, which has definitely made a massive splash with the rest of Apple’s high-end consumer electronics… while the design change in question is in the very product’s silhouette. Unlike every previous iPhone, which has had a rounded rectangle shape from the get-go, the iPhone 13 comes with an outward notch that houses its front-facing camera. This is probably the most unusual camera bump I’ve ever come across because for once, it isn’t on the back of the phone… it’s on the top.

The iPhone 13 conceptual design showcases a curved display that wraps around the screen on all four edges. The phone body looks pretty much iPhone 11-ish and compromises the metal frame in iPhone 12 for the flowing display. Interestingly, the concept highlights a very Android Phone-like vertical camera array on the back, comprising a quad-camera setup The 6.4-inch Full-Edge Display of the phone is basically the highlight of this concept. There is no notch but a 13-inch under-display camera makes its debut, and the physical buttons on the side have been embedded into the overflowing display on both sides.

Seems like the iPhone 13 is set to disrupt connectivity as we know it, being one of the first consumer-grade phones to have direct satellite connectivity. The news comes as a rumor from renowned analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo. While it’s common to make predictions only to have them fall slightly short, Kuo’s analyses and ‘leaks’ have an incredibly high success rate… and the veteran analyst just dropped a big bomb-shell a few hours ago – that the latest iPhone might have the ability to make satellite calls.

Could you imagine the iPhone 13 as a flip phone?! This iPhone Flip concept by Technizo Concept brings back the 90s mania of the flip phones in the form of an iPhone! It will be amped with a QHD + flexible ProMotion OLED display. This foldable iPhone 13 concept has got all my votes!

PS Design’s conceptual iPhone 13 sports a secondary rear display too, although it’s capable of doing a lot more than just letting you click better selfies. A better way to describe PS Design’s iPhone 13 concept is to compare the rear display to Apple’s closest product – the Apple Watch. The 3-inch always-on rear display practically mirrors the watch’s capabilities, allowing you to see the time, notifications, and a wide variety of other data on it. The display on the rear uses Apple’s low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) technology to provide its always-on feature, and the fact that it sits right beside the main camera setup (and that it’s larger than the Mi 11 Ultra’s display), means the front of the phone can ditch the notch entirely, creating a beautifully bezel-less iPhone that leaves little to be desired.

Apple’s mixed reality headset has been in the works for quite some time now, and a couple of months ago it became apparent that the lightweight VR headset will be coming in 2022, with the Apple Glasses to follow soon after. On the flip side, the iPhone 13 is destined to arrive this fall, and like all times it is already the topic of interest in the tech circles. While iPhone 13 and the Apple VR headset cannot be launched in the same given timeframe – still it doesn’t deter imaginative designers from mustering up how the two products will look together. ConceptsiPhone has created a render of the two upcoming devices by Apple and mashed them together in a video dubbed iPhone 13 VR for creative writer’s delight. The VR headset is open to any imagination possible, and the folks over at ConceptsiPhone have taken that opportunity to show the world how the mixed reality headset will be like. It looks plush (after all it’s Apple) and is in sync with the design principles Apple has put in place for the headset – comfort and lightweight aesthetics. The strap looks reassuring as far as ergonomics go while the padding around the viewable area ensures utmost comfort.

The Apple version of a folding phone could take design cues from the Galaxy Z Fold 2 if they decide to make it an all-out flagship-grade version, or go for a subtle Razr-like form factor if they desire to cater to a niche set of buyers. If we go by the patent filed by Apple, the display will have a crease-less foldable panel (like Galaxy Z Fold 2) and a folding mechanism similar to Motorola Razr – folding like a handy mirror. The early renders of the iPhone 13 are not exactly promising (for either of the versions) but we can count on Apple’s tendency to be thorough in its design testing and the result will be ready to shock and awe. Personally, I find the Moto Razr-inspired fold a more unique design with the folded screen seemingly a throwback to the iPod Nano that was a part of their game-changing arsenal.

This may be a leap but could we imagine the iPhone 13 as a compact little smartphone? The iPhone One concept by Alexandrov’s Studio is a square-shaped iPhone that’ll fit perfectly into the palm of your hand! Amped with a 5 camera system, this unique iPhone concept is meant to be ‘one-handed’. You’ll only need one of your hands to operate it, leaving the other one relatively free! The iPhone concept is pretty cute and compact!

Filip Koroy (@everythingapplepro) envisions the first iPhone with ProMotion! The iPhone 12 Pro models were expected to be launched with the ProMotion feature, but in the end, Apple opted for a better battery life. In Koroy’s concept of the iPhone 13 Pro, he visualizes the introduction of the ProMotion in 2021! What do you think? Will we be seeing the first iPhone with ProMotion anytime soon?

The iPhone Pixel 6 Pro Max is the lovechild of Apple and Google! The Pixel’s camera was borrowed, while the iconic Apple logo was retained. The Iphone’s rounded edges were chosen over the Pixel 6’s squarish flat edges. This collaboration is sure to receive some mixed reviews…I mean my emotions regarding it are quite mixed as well! This may not be the next iPhone, but maybe we could see it somewhere down the years?!