This Volvo 360c gull-winged design is a practical vision of ultra-safe Level 5 autonomy

A self-driving Volvo concept that focuses the lens on Level 5 autonomous driving while keeping the overall vehicle design clean and practical for urban commuting in peak traffic conditions.

While Elon Musk is targeting Level 5 autonomy for his fleet of electric cars, the probability of achieving that is highly unlikely in the next couple of years. This level of autonomous driving will only be possible when the other cars and the roads will have synchronous communication capabilities. A plausible idea that will give all the future-forward autonomous concept cars with no manual driving components a chance of fruition.

The Volvo 360c autonomous concept is a byproduct of that very vision. At the core will be an ultra-safe communication standard that enhances the spatial awareness of the vehicle. Volvo has been akin to the traffic safety standards ever since the introduction of the three-point safety belt in 1959, this concept makes even more sense for the brand.

According to the designer Ivan Marin Lopez, complete autonomous technology will not be an overnight change – rather it will be a gradual process that’ll take a significant amount of time. When the technology is fully proofed, autonomous cars like Volvo 360c concept will be able to tackle mixed traffic situations without any human intervention. Passenger safety is at the forefront here, and the car is loaded with advanced sensors to ensure it is ready for any unforeseen situation on the road.

The gull-winged 360c will have a clutter-free interior that focuses on passenger comfort and an air of openness with the panoramic glass windshield. The boxy design of the electric concept is dominated by a balanced proportion of design that takes into account the crowded city streets. This is truly a classy, compact and appealing Volvo hatchback of the future which keeps its limits to the practical realms of automotive design.

Designer: Ivan Marin Lopez