A Refreshing Re-design of the Trusty Axe


Toraxe is an axe like no other! Heavily driven by the principle of fluidity of form, the handle carries a visually striking form that couldn’t be further away from the conventional handle that it replaced; as striking as this is, it also offers safety benefits to the user too. The handguard, that gently merges into the blade-housing, protects the user’s hand whilst simultaneously keeping it in an ergonomic position.

A material change is the only element visually separating the axe’s handle from the blade; the fluid design and bold, sweeping curves are continued onto the blade, visually connecting the two components together and creating a physically interesting product. Toraxe certainly brings a refreshing re-design to the humble axe, and with added functionality and safety intertwined throughout the product, it makes for an appealing alternative!

Designer: Nikola Djuraskovic





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