This tiny IoT ticker-meter turns your tabletop into a miniature stock, forex, and crypto market!

Think of the TickrMeter as a real-life widget for your real-life desktop. Equipped with an e-paper screen that doesn’t demand too much energy while still providing easy-to-read high-contrast text, the TickrMeter displays any ticker-count by connecting to the internet. If you’re a stock-market watchdog, the ticker displays any stock value you assign to it. If you’re someone who works with international currencies, you can track daily fluctuations in international currency values against your own currency… and if you’re a crypto-enthusiast, the TickrMeter can be your own personal cryptocoin value-tracker, giving you updates in realtime!

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The nifty little gadget sits ambiently on your desk, giving you a real-time reflection of financial data of your choice. Configurable through the TickrMeter app, you can track stocks, currencies, or even crypto-values with an impressively low 20ms latency, giving you the latest updates AS they happen. The app allows you to configure the data in a way that benefits you the most. You can either use a single TickrMeter to display a single value, or have the same display alternate between all your portfolios, sort of like a slideshow. The data displayed on the e-paper screen is accompanied by the date and time mentioned at the top, the percentage increase/decrease at the bottom, and even your profit/loss if you input the investment amount into the app. You can even choose your own time-frame, tracking growth by the day, week, month, or year, and a small backlit color-bar on the side turns either green or red, depending on a bull or bear moment.

The mini-device is a neat addition to any tabletop, bringing the thrill of a stock market to your desktop. Its relatively rectangular design can be magnetically stacked too, allowing you to build out an entire stock market on your desk, turning you into a Wolf of WFH Street. For added effect, the app lets you even program events/alerts (causing the backlit color-strip to turn blue) when a stock hits a certain price, and the TickrMeter comes with a toggleable bell sound that chimes like the bell on Wall Street!

While the device does run on a relatively low-energy e-paper screen, the TickrMeter needs to be constantly plugged in to work (the developers are working on a battery variant that unlocks as a funding goal). For now though, each TickrMeter comes with a USB cable and if you buy multiple units, you can daisy-chain them to connect all of them to a single power source. The tickers run directly off data from the internet too, so they connect directly to your WiFi for the fastest results, instead of sending and receiving data through your phone (which can cause a significant lag). The TickrMeter receives real-time professional-grade financial data directly from the best resources, including the NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, and Toronto Stock Exchange. For now these nifty little widgets track Stocks, Forex, and Crypto, although future updates could allow them to gather and display any sort of information – like potentially YouTube views, Spotify plays, or Instagram/TikTok followers!

Designer: Markus Iversen

Click Here to Buy Now: $93 $116 (20% off) Hurry! Only 2 days left!