These IKEA-style DIY wooden clocks give you the feeling of being a Swiss clockmaker!

To build a product is to understand it. Building something requires interaction in a way that’s multisensorial and intimate, requiring your eyes, hands, and even sometimes your ears to guide you. All this happens while your mind is completely focused on following the instructions and decoding the inner workings of a product. This journey allows you to understand how the product works, but more importantly, it forms an emotional creator/creation connection between you and the product. It’s why IKEA’s furniture is so popular, and why people still hold onto cars from decades years ago – cars that they’ve invested hundreds of man-hours into fixing, upgrading, and maintaining. The MadClockMaker creates a similar experience by allowing you to play clockmaker and actually build your own clock from scratch. The MadClockMaker comes in a relatively flat box, with all its wooden laser-cut components, metal fixtures, and the clock unit.

Styled to look like an Art Nouveau-inspired timepiece, the MadClockMaker has an incredibly raw-yet-appealing skeletal quality to it. The clock, big enough for a desk or mantelpiece, comes in a variety of styles, including a book-shaped clock, two tabletop timepieces, and one wall-hung watch. All the versions of the MadClockMaker sport the main clock-face on top, with a secondary mini-face featuring the seconds-hand below. They even come with faux-gears that actually rotate, really amping up the timepiece’s steampunk-meets-antique appeal, creating something that’s classic, but with a twist!

All four variants are designed to be easy to assemble, with everything you’d need inside the box, from tools to glue, self-tapping screws, and even paint and varnish bottles. The clocks also come with an AA-battery powered quartz movement – perhaps the only pre-made component in the entire box. Instructions within the box guide you through the building process, allowing you to really involve yourself in constructing the clock from scratch. In the end, not only are you left with a spectacular looking timepiece, but you also end up developing a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into fine timepieces!

Designer: Vitalii Tiemieriev

Click Here to Buy Now: $54 $80 ($26 off).

MadClockMaker – 3D Wooden Puzzle Clocks

MadClockMaker is a collection of wooden clocks that allows you to play clockmaker and actually build your own clock from scratch.

The Balloon Wall Clock

The Gothic Table Clock

The Book Wall & Table Clock

The Elezia Table Clock

Assembling The Clocks

Every kit is completed with two types of environmentally friendly water-based paints: light brown and dark brown. You choose on your own which color of parts you prefer. It is recommended to use both colors to create contrast in details.

Click Here to Buy Now: $54 $80 ($26 off).