Auris Skye: Music And Freedom As It Should Be

Mention Kickstarter in a room and see how people start off with their two cents on the pros and cons. The bottom line on this topic is that crowdfunding is here to stay and innovations like the Auris Skye are in our hands thanks to the concept. The pain of getting seamless WiFi connectivity especially when you move from room to room is a thing of the past. The device is a receiver for your Music Dock that Streams Music Using Airplay or DLNA.

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If you ask me, then I’ll brand the Auris Skye as my music buddy, the one that that gives me the freedom to enjoy high resolution audio quality. Marking a new generation of WiFi music receivers that works well with AirPlay or DLNA, you can only imagine my excitement of hooking up my iPad and iPhone or iTunes to it. Android and Windows Phone users need not fret as Auris Skye has you covered.

I asked the Co-founder and CEO Jay Shah, on what drove him to bring us such innovation; he said that his team and he had identified several limiting factors in popular music receivers. These included pairing issues, low operation range, poor sound quality and limited compatibility. To overcome these challenges, Jay and his team immersed themselves in a year of R&D to perfect the technology that eliminated these problems. The end result is the super popular Auris Skye.

From a design perspective, I think we can safely give Jay’s team a full ten-star. The receiver is sleek, intuitive and easily slides onto the 30-pin docking station. The whole point of giving freedom to your music, reverberates in the fact that you can play your music from any compatible device (like an iPhone) and move with your groove!


  • For the first time only, simply add skye to your WiFi network, and follow the connection instructions on the free skye control app.
  • From there, you can stream audio wirelessly from your iOS, Android, Windows phone devices and Mac/PC in your WiFi network with AirPlay (for iOS) and DLNA (for Android and Windows) support while staying connected to the Internet at the same time.
  • Skye uses Apple Lossless technology to keep every note beautifully clear
  • WiFi technology also means that you can freely roam throughout your home without worrying about keeping your device close to the speakers.
  • You can stream music to multiple docks one at a time or stream simultaneously with iTunes on a Mac or PC Lossless.
  • No need to charge the Auris Skye as it simply pulls power from your music dock.

So if you’re a free bird like me who likes to listen to high quality sound with tech-savvy finesse and utter freedom, then get your Auris Skye here, today!