Japanese Zen Gardens + Art Deco are the inspiration behind this furniture and tableware collection!

Architect André Fu’s new Art Deco Collection features handcrafted homeware and furnishings inspired by ornate Art Deco silhouettes and the serenity of traditional Japanese Zen Gardens.

Inspired by the opulent style of Art Deco and the Zen gardens of Kyoto, modern architect André Fu designed a new collection of homeware he calls the Art Deco Garden Collection. Comprised of cabinets, armchairs, dining chairs, tables, room dividers, porcelain tableware, and wallcoverings, the Art Deco Garden Collection was designed following an involved research period that looked at many historical Japanese gardens, with an acute focus on the Tofukuji Temple Garden.

In close collaboration with De Gournay, a hand-painted wallpaper and fabric brand, each item that makes up the collection features a variety of formal Art Deco pattern work stylized to evoke the symmetrical and meditative qualities of raked sand found in Japanese Zen Gardens. The porcelain tableware gleam in white and are adorned with gilded gold line patterns hand-painted on each piece–the paintwork is so delicate, each brushstroke is visible and unique to the tableware. The room dividers and wallcoverings made from silk paper also feature silver and gold, hand-painted line patterns whose glittering finishes and laborious tracing pay homage to the gilded age of Art Deco and the sensuous fluidity of Japanese gardens.

Fu felt compelled to curate this collection of porcelain tableware, room dividers, and furniture in part as a means to incorporate the visual composition of nature into handcrafted homeware and furnishings. Reflecting on the collection’s original inspiration, Fu says, “My personal design approach is not just about combining styles together. Rather, it rests on an ability to navigate different cultures and reflect contemporary culture based on the inherent qualities of beauty itself, as opposed to just based on any one style.”

Designer: André Fu Living

The delicate handpainted patterns hearken the serene, laborious quality of raked Zen Gardens and the gleaming-in-gold personality of Art Deco.

Room dividers and wall coverings made from silk paper feature painted patterns from De Gournay.

Each piece of the Art Deco Garden Collection is inspired by Japanese Zen Gardens and the age of Art Deco. 

The porcelain tableware shimmers in white and is lined with hand-painted golden patterns reminiscent of the Art Deco movement.

Brass accents enhance each piece’s ode to Art Deco.