A bottle opener for champions

I never thought something as ubiquitous as the bottle opener needed redesigning. The GrOpener proved me wrong for sure. The video above goes to demonstrate how incredibly easy it is to open a bottle with just a single hand, without bending the cap, or have it flying off in a random direction once it pops open.

The GrOpener (Grab+Opener) is designed specifically for single handed use. Making things easy for both abled as well as disabled people, the GrOpener sits comfortably on a bottle top and pops it open with an unbelievably easy trigger action. The GrOpener’s design makes sure the cap isn’t bent or warped in the opening process, while a magnetic piece within the GrOpener catches the cap as soon as it dislodges from the bottle neck. Well, now unless you’re Bruce Lee with a pair of nunchucks, I don’t see you opening a bottle better than that!

Designer: Mark Manger

Buy Now: $15.99