This millennial-friendly projector features a cool swiveling mechanism to project from the floor to the ceiling!

Togic One is a home projector built for Gen Z TikTokers that is designed to look good from all angles–especially for the camera.

TikTok has done more for interior design in recent years than you might think. Whether you’re Gen Z or only a wannabe, then you’ve probably seen the mood lights and ceiling projectors all over TikTok. Transforming your bedroom into viral light shows has become the new normal and designers across industries are taking note. Togic One, from industrial designer Fu Fu, is a home projector built to look good from every angle, even on camera.

Being holed up in our bedroom for months on end with nothing to do but create TikTok videos has made many of us reconsider our bedrooms and how we can best design them to reflect our personalities. LED mood lamps and video projectors are two designs that help bring social media and TikTok to our bedrooms. Togic One from Fu Fu is a small home projector that can be adjusted to different positions and project film from anywhere in the room. Tightly wrapped in Guilford of Maine, Togic One has a familiar texture and design that would fit right in on a shelf lined with your portable speaker and smart assistant. Boasting a simple design, Togic One features only two small projection lenses that transmit film from the camera to your bedroom walls.

Togic One’s projector stand also features a unique holder to securely lock the projector in place. Similar to a magazine rack, Togic One’s holder comes with detachable plugs that fasten the projector into place. Togic One’s placement rack locks the projector into place using a grid of plugs and sockets that can latch the projector into any vertical or horizontal position. Users can project films or any other visual media, including light shows, onto their ceiling simply by turning Togic One vertically, pointing its lenses toward the ceiling, and locking it into place using the grid plug-and-socket mechanism.

Designer: Fu Fu

Guilford of Maine fabric wraps the exterior of Togic One, giving it a familiar texture and look. 

The projector’s lenses are subtle by design but can project visual media from anywhere in the room.

The small, compact nature of Togic One allows it to be carried anywhere and operable from any angle.

The back panel of input ports features a power button and sockets for HDMI cables, USB 2.0 chargers, a headphone jack, and a DC-IN port.

Togic One can be turned into any position to project visual media everywhere from the floor to the ceiling.