This sculptural terrarium brings the worlds of nature and architecture together

No, it isn’t another Stefano Boeri building! The Chloroplast 2.0 is an absolutely captivating vertical terrarium that’s small enough to fit right on your tabletop. It combines aspects of architecture along with botany to create what TerraLiving calls a ‘botanical sculpture’. The terrarium features a microbiome of moss growing within a beautifully organic 3D-printed tower. The tower comes with a design that’s heavily inspired by the cellular structure found in plants, and the moss grows right within the towers, occupying individual cells to create a beautiful contrast of green against white.

The Chloroplast 2.0 is a custom-made, hand-grown terrarium designed by Malaysia-based TerraLiving. It comes with ZERO Moss, a preserved moss that requires virtually no care and automatically feeds off sunlight and CO2 to release fresh oxygen. The terrarium comes completely encased within a bell-jar which can be lifted to reveal the complex, self-sustaining natural biome within. Designed and developed by a group of passionate scientists and designers, the Chloroplast 2.0 is one of many unique offerings from TerraLiving, a company that’s dedicated to preserving and showcasing the complex world of mosses – one of the greatest survivors of evolution in the earth’s lifetime. The specially preserved ZERO Moss within the Chloroplast 2.0 doesn’t need watering at all, and can theoretically live for decades in its own self-sustaining microbiome. Place it on your desk, mantelpiece, or on your coffee table (preferably a place that gets enough light) and the ChloroPlast adds a unique touch of living, breathing artwork to your space while purifying the air around you too!

Designer: TerraLiving