This trailer gives the traditional bean design an upgrade for more comfortable off-road adventures!

How many of us this year have felt the need to just pack up and live off-the-grid thanks to our new remote lifestyles? Well, I found you something that will make your dreams come true – meet Black Bean! This teardrop trailer is a limited edition design by a USA-based company and they have upgraded the traditional trailers for a comfortable off-road adventure.

Based on what the previous users said, the team added more upgrades and functionality including higher ground clearance, galley accessibility, more electrical power, and plenty of storage to the trailer…or how I like to call it – the portable cabin! Black Bean is built for all-terrain adventures and comes in several colors unlike what the name suggests. This new model features a bigger sliding stove, a larger fridge with an ice-maker function, increased countertop space, and a deeper sink with a set-in cutting board to keep the counters clean. My favorite detail is how the stove can be rotated which makes it possible to cook outdoors – camping AND a barbecue!

While you are on the road and off-the-grid, it is natural to want some home-ly feeling so the interiors were redesigned with a warm aesthetic which brings a cozy vibe. There is a ceiling slat option that clads the entire roof adding extra coziness to the trailer’s interior. The designers were also thoughtful to add more storage space that includes large upper drawers, as well as a surrounding cushion option to make the accommodation as comfortable as possible for more than one person.

Black Bean also features a newly designed fender with a stand-on capability, serving also as a step to reach the roof, where one can put a pop-up tent for extra sleeping space. The trailer consists of a propane tank, a 68-liter fresh water tank, and an outdoor shower system with a water heater. A curved light leaf solar panel over the front window contributes additional backup in terms of charging up the batteries while protecting the windows from stones and debris. Traditional teardrop trailers finally get a 2021 tech and design makeover with Black Bean!

Designer: Bean Trailer