This mindfully designed tape dispenser brings one-handed application to this useful stationery!

Won’t it be great to use a tape dispenser just one-handed without all the mess that ensues? This cool stationery does exactly that with its smart design.

A tape dispenser is a cool invention that looks simple but solves a very essential purpose that millions have utilized at some point in their life. But if you do want to be a little picky, tape dispensers also have their own set of shortcomings. First of all, you need to use both hands and the functionality similar to a glue gun or nail gun is longed for here. Secondly, no matter how hard you try, the fingerprint marks and contamination while removing the tape will always be a problem.

To add to this, the process of using tape from such dispensers is a bit long and won’t it be great if that is addressed? This is the O N tape dispenser by Fountain Studio, designed specifically to address all these issues while being aesthetically functional and good-looking. Most of all, it brings one-handed use to the good old tape dispenser, a feature that all of us will highly appreciate.

The design of O N is centered on the two holes at the bottom. The first hole keeps the tape bonded and pressed to the rubber pad for uninterrupted, continuous usability. The second hole has a button along the cutter sign to cut the tape off when required. This way, the user doesn’t have to bring the second hand into play which can be an irk at times with conventional tape dispensers.

Other than that the O N tape dispenser has a similar-looking tape refill dispenser that rolls along as the tape is used. To make it easy for the user, there is a hole in the body to check the amount of tape left.

Clearly, this is a very intelligently designed concept prototype that I’m wishing hits the market sooner rather than later. It is actually that good – bringing a very useful evolution to the tape dispenser that each one of you is going relish!

Designer: Fountain Studio