The Top 10 female industrial designers who are shattering traditions + tackling gender inequality with their product designs!

A while ago, one of Yanko Design’s Instagram posts played a huge role in exposing and shedding light on the gender bias in the design world. The viral post raised awareness on the experiences of women in industrial design, and also the amount of appreciation, recognition, and exposure they truly deserve but do not always receive. In an ode to amazing female designers and the mindblowing work they do, we’ve curated a collection of innovative product designs – all of them created by women ONLY.  From tech to furniture to architecture, there’s no design industry, left untouched by women and their creative enigma! It’s a women’s world, and it’s time we celebrate it!

This guest post comes from our contributing author Kristi Bartlett.

Qin Li is the Vice President of Design at fuseproject, and they recently designed this fitness solution for FORME. The FORME Life Studio brings personal training and fitness classes to your home! It’s a home fitness experience that helps you feel like you’re at the gym with your trainer right in front of you. 

Matali Crasset renovated Michèle Monroy’s apartment in Paris. She showered it with colorful hues of orange, yellow, pink, blue, and green! This ecstatic rainbow-themed space instantly lifts up spirits!

Arielle Assouline-Lichten is the founder of Slash Projects, a design firm based in Brooklyn, NY, and Slash Objects, her collection of products and furniture. The Adri Chair is all about clean lines and is a renewed interpretation of a modernist experiment. Marble and recycled rubber were used to create this exquisite piece of furniture!

Elodie Delassus designed this beautiful render of the Philips Steamer 3000 series. It’s a compact garment steamer, designed to fit perfectly into our modern-day cramped apartments. Sleek, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing! It checks all the boxes of an ideal home appliance.

Called the Twins, this side table by Monika Mulder truly does look like a pair of twins! The intriguingly looped furniture piece features two tabletops, connected via a U-shaped pipe. It also comes in varying heights.

Alejandra Castelao is a senior industrial designer at Fjord San Francisco. She creates stunning human forms sketched in VR, which you can see on her Instagram!


Ti Chang is a design entrepreneur who is the co-founder and VP of Design at Crave, a female pleasure company. She also creates other interesting pieces including this Loopy Side Table! Side tables are often completely sidelined, but this one features a geometrically unique form and would make a quirky addition to your living space.

Designed by Kickie Chudikova, the Spiral of Life is a public installation that draws inspiration from the waves of the Hudson River and the sculptures of Isamu Noguchi. It offers a space to sit, relax, contemplate, and take a break from the hectic city routine.

Brazilian designer Carol Gay was originally trained in architecture, but later transitioned to furniture design. I love the pipework on the edges of her furniture pieces. They almost look like paper clips and add a quirky touch to the classic and elegant furniture designs.

Japanese designer Fumie Shibata is the founder of design studio S. Designed by Fumie, this tableware collection for kids is called ‘BONBO’, and it’s everything I would have wanted on my dinner table when I was 10! It’s minimal, clean and not to mention super cute.


Kristi Bartlett is a designer in the healthcare industry and PhD student in Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University. She believes that the strongest designs are made by teams that reflect the diversity of real-world users. Find more of her work on her Website and Instagram.