Rocket Science and Dash

It is rocket science and it is earthshattering and YES it is innovative engineering. Ha! I have always wanted to say these lines to the skeptics out there who tend to crush form and function kinda ideas. For the Dash7 Pocket-sized Portable Wireless Soundbar by Soundmatters it took the creative genius of nuclear physics, astronomy, physical chemistry graduate and NASA Project Manager – Dr. Godehard Guenther! Bottomline: with the Dash7 Soundbar, you are assured superior sound quality teamed with Good Design.

I had a chance to talk with Dr. Guenther about his passion for technology, design and the Dash7, and this is what he had to say…

Me: You are often called a Renaissance man, can you elaborate why?

Dr. G: Well I do have many passions – music, problem solving, art, cooking, sailing, piano, photography and I guess I’m a bit unusual in that my training, experiences and passions drive me to develop some rather unique product solutions.

Me: We read your tag line on Soundmatters: Simply. Better. Can simple be better?

Dr. G: Our products are typically pretty sophisticated on the inside, as far as circuitry but we strive to make them as simple as possible to use and produce.

Me: Can you tell us about how Soundmatters came about?

Dr. G: The products we did at my previous companies, a/d/s/ and Braun, looked and sounded wonderful but were targeted to the affluent audiophile. I felt that with some of my patents, there was an opportunity to shrink the size and lower the cost of great sounding speakers – especially in the personal/multi-media space, where poor quality audio was the norm. So I started up Soundmatters, initially strictly as an R+D firm, then adding our own brand to pioneer our new designs in the market.

Me: Your education background is very radically different from a typical Industrial Designer, how has that helped you with the processes in your company?

Dr. G: Well I don’t really consider myself an Industrial Designer… just an engineer with what I hope is a strong sensitivity to what makes a product enjoyable to use. We have maintained strong relationships with a number of great traditionally trained Industrial Designers, whom we work with on our projects.

Me: What makes Soundmatters different from the other products out there in the market?

Dr. G: The patented technologies for our acoustic drivers, and the years of experience in utilizing them in a synergistic manner with state-of-the-art electronics and enclosure materials to create customer friendly audio systems sounding much, much better and larger than other similarly sized products.

Soundmatters didn’t invent the Bluetooth speaker, just the ones that sound good.

The Dash7 combines the most advanced highest performance version of Soundmatters legendary Twoofers (tweeters that also woof). Designed to be pancake-flat, these ultra power neodymium drivers provide a uniquely wide frequency range. The patented rechargeable BassBattery not only delivers up to 12 hours of playback but augments the powered Twoofers by ingeniously doubling as a passive bass woofer.


  • At just 3/4″ height and 7.1 oz., Dash7 goes anywhere – using patented state-of-the-art audio technology to turn your tablet, phone or laptop into a personal amphitheater
  • With extended Bluetooth range, Dash7 streams stereo music/movie soundtracks, also providing clear speakerphone/conference call capability with it’s built-in echo/noise canceling microphone
  • Recharges via USB or included high-power international charger with US/EU/AU/UK adapters

Designer: Soundmatters [ Buy it here ]