This medicine delivery bot carries your supplies in the last mile using a solar-powered drone

A cute little medical robot with an onboard drone to deliver medical supplies to your doorstep as well as the window of high-rise buildings.

COVID-19 has changed the way we go on about our lives – and that too in a major way. Right from the way we conduct ourselves in public places to getting food deliveries – current times call for a super cautious approach. So it was only time before someone gave medical supplies directly to the patient’s home a good hard thought. That’s the reason the Drobo robot designed by NUONE DESIGN makes so much sense.

Rather than heading to the pharmacy to get the medicines, this autonomous robot brings home the needed supplies in a safe and secure manner. Even more vital for the elderly or patients who cannot visit the pharmacy due to underlying medical conditions. The robot has a large screen to display the instructions about the medical product that’s being hauled for a smooth and informative process.

The USP of this medicine delivery robot is its onboard drone that attaches to the back. When it is time to deliver the medicines, the drone attaches to the delivery compartment courtesy of the rails and flies straight off to the patient’s window for a hassle-free and safe hauling of vital medicines. The drone has solar panels on top to soak up the sun’s power for a flight anytime, anywhere.

This little bundle of joy is not just about delivering medicines, Drobo also recommends patients about their health by performing rapid medical tests like the COVID-19 test or checking blood oxygen levels. The data is then sent back to the physicians for instant prescriptions or other instructions for taking medicines delivered in the box.

The little robot is powered by electric energy and the onboard batteries give it an operational time of six to eight hours. When the battery is low, Drobo automatically stops by at the charging stations to juice up wirelessly for its next delivery task.