Skyway or the Highway

As maneuverable as they are, emergency helicopters still have limitations like relatively low speed and limited reach with their large rotors  that prevent them from landing close to objects. The Skyway concept concentrates on eliminating these setbacks by utilizing a unique multi-fan propulsion system that makes it smaller, faster, more stable, safer, and all-in-all better equipped to access emergency situations that even ground ambulances might have trouble getting to. You gotta check out the vid to see how this bad boy works!

Designer: Daniel Dobrogorsky


  • Marcus says:

    I just love this. If the engineering works, air laws allowed for it and cost wasn’t completely prohibitive, this could be an amazing solution to a real problem.

  • ahmad says:

    Do you believe that all the patient are such a hero to accept to lay down and enjoy that scary view in the air ??
    is seems that an eye-cover should be offered as an option !!!

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Radical for MedEvac use.
    Like to see space for added patients to rear of pilot & add MedTech IF warrnated
    Have wings expand for Lift & for Flight mode.
    & or have underbelly pod for patients or supplies.

    Mass produce this
    Patient #s: 4, 8, 2.
    pilot: 2?
    MedTech 2
    depend on range of Skyway, incident etc.

    Ideal for No CA NV OR WA UT CO, rural areas aside urban.

  • mif991 says:

    I like this concept a lot and it seems like the designer put a lot of thought and knowledge into it. However, as indicated by other posts, more work needs to be done to make it more practical. Good work Daniel!

  • JimB says:

    I agree, amazing yes, but you could buy one hell of a lot of defibrillators for the cost of one of these lovely birds.

    I can see lots of other applications for such a machine, though, especially for remote access ops and transport functions in conjunction with more conventional emergency management techniques.

  • wulimin says:

    i like this design, it is convient and beautiful.
    Good work Daniel!

  • Joe Shmoe says:

    Great idea! BUT! what if a bird gets in the fan on the way to/from – would it be able to operate?

  • Fraser says:

    This a fantastic design. I hope this becomes a reality soon!

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