Meet the Infiniti QX90, a luxury sedan that is a more fluid evolution of the Tesla Cybertruck

The Infiniti QX90 2028 is a fan-made concept designed to meet urban commute – by allowing you to easily switch between driving and relaxing mode.

Elon Musk claims that Tesla will have Level 5 autonomy by the end of 2021 – quite a bold statement given the extremity of AI and technological input required to achieve this feat. That means we will have a fully self-driving vehicle without any human assistance – virtually eliminating the need to fit a steering wheel inside the car. On the other hand, this concept empowers the person driving the vehicle and gives the rider complete freedom of operating modes.

Designer Johnny Jiang gives preference to human judgment while driving a vehicle – and the Infiniti QX90 2028 concept is a testament to that vision. The car’s design focuses on improving commuting by focusing on five key elements. The de-materialization, customization as per user’s needs, the experience of the driver and fellow riders, technological infusion for better function, and facilities that cater to individual needs – giving you the most comfortable drive possible.

The interiors of this sedan have a lounge-like space with a panoramic glass roof for an ultimate relaxing drive. The rear passenger seats can make a complete 180 degrees turn for an improved view or help socialize. The exteriors have a futuristic vibe going with the sharp design lines and a flowing aesthetic, striking a balance between the front and the rear. It’s this edginess merging with the fluidity that gives this car an evolved Cybertruck vibe.

The semi-autonomous vehicle adapts Level 4.5 autonomy, and it’ll have an AI companion if the driver has an emergency or is unable to drive. In addition, the intelligent cloud-based database enables functions like finding the apt parking space in an expansive parking lot to save time. For the driving experience, AI senses the driver’s emotional state, changing the interior ambiance and music to go into a softer mode.

The ability to choose the level of autonomous drive gives the car unique flexibility. Right from the adrenaline rush of zooming on a highway in manual mode to the autonomous mode for the times when you want to sit back and enjoy the view – this car gives you the best of both worlds.

Designer: Johnny Jiang

This is a fan-made concept. Any reference to the Infiniti brand and the use of its branding are for representational purposes only.