This minimal money bank’s design takes “low-hanging fruit” very literally!

Money is not usually considered a “low-hanging fruit” but this money bank is here to change your mindset about abundance and savings! Fruition is a minimal money bank or coin box or piggy bank – based on where you live – that falls once it has accumulated enough treasure. While most money boxes are designed for kids, this one has a modern aesthetic to appeal to grown-ups who probably need to save more than a child does!

Fruition is named because your efforts to save literally come to fruition with this design. It demonstrates a semiotic effect that appeals to human psychology and makes us feel good about the amount we’ve saved. The simple action of the box or ‘fruit’ falling is satisfying and gratifying at the same time! The money box itself represents the ripe fruit that is ready to be enjoyed just like your savings. The money box is attached to the ‘tree’ with strong magnets that give in to the weight of the money after a certain point. The lower tray is always ready to catch the ‘fruit’ and you can also use it otherwise to store smaller items like keys, masks, or stationery.

The ‘fruit’ is made of silicone and magnets, so coins are safe and secure. It can also be reused over and over again. When the ‘fruit’ drops there is a clanging sound that lets you know it is time to treat yourself…or deposit it in the bank. “This notifies users when to empty the money box while giving them a sense of accomplishment of harvest,” says Kim. I love how simple, playful and dynamic this design is – it truly makes money boxes look like an art piece for your desk with a post art auction bounty for your wallet!

Designer: Younghyun Kim