Minimalist hanging leather chair is the hammock-alternative that’s perfect for lounging indoor spaces

Perfect for that break between attending Zoom meetings and responding to work emails, Studio Stirling’s Sling Hanging Chair gives you that stress-melting effect you get from a hammock, but indoors. The hanging chair comprises a metal hoop suspended from the ceiling, on which lies draped a piece of thick leather that you sit on. Quite like how a hammock adjusts to your shape and posture when you sit on it, Studio Stirling’s Sling adjusts to your frame too, letting you hang out for a bit… quite literally!

The Sling hanging chair is an exercise in form, function, and minimalism. Stripped away from anything excess, it reduces the chair to its most abstract form, even ditching the legs in the process! The circular frame and leather sheet do two jobs – the more obvious one of allowing a human to sit comfortably, as well as creating an iconic silhouette that makes the Sling chair instantly recognizable and incredibly inviting. Tell me you DON’T want to sit on that beauty!

Each Sling is handmade with care by craftsmen, with a powder-coated mild-steel circular frame upon which sits the thick oil-tanned leather sheet that comes in a variety of colors including the traditional brown and black, or the more unusual bronze, silver or gold upholstery leather, lined with South African shwe-shwe fabric, and capped off with a comfortable head-bolster that can be removed, unrolled, and used as a blanket!

Designers: Joanina Pastoll & David Pastoll (Studio Stirling)