This eye-catching side table is like a geometric puzzle for your stuff

Just by their name, you’d almost think that side tables are like sidekicks to your furniture. They serve a useful purpose, for sure, but they’re not exactly critical unless you really designed a room around them. They’re sometimes even hidden in corners where only their tops are seen and accessible. Of course, it’s entirely possible to have side tables become the center of attraction, especially if they look good enough to warrant moving away from the sidelines. They can also do more than just be pieces of furniture you place items on top, just like this side table that provides more than one functionality with a very unique visual. In fact, its unusual form warrants it to be a living room centerpiece, which means it can be more than just a table on the sides.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

Compared to a coffee table or a desk, a side table is almost always a smaller piece of furniture where you place cups, books, magazines, or even your phone on top. Given the scarcity of space in most homes and rooms these days, however, such a single-function object almost feels like a waste. That’s why some side table designs and concepts incorporate some sort of storage below the tabletop, turning the side table into a side shelf of sorts.

Linked does exactly that while also thinking outside the box when it comes to design, almost literally. Inside of a straightforward rectangular shelf or even a cylindrical body, the side table is actually composed of three hollow boxes. But rather than have these boxes arranged in an organized and regular fashion, they are instead interconnected with different offsets, creating what almost looks like a random composition of shapes, lines, and spaces.

These spaces are, of course, where you can place objects inside. There is actually only one space in the middle than can be big enough for anything other than books or smaller items. All other open areas are narrow, thin, or have an irregular L-shape that makes them less convenient for other objects. That said, filling these up with objects of different sizes also adds to the whimsical personality of the table. Given that you’ll be placing items where they fit best, you might find the overall aesthetic a bit disorganized or even chaotic.

The Linked side table’s wooden boxes make it perfect for almost any room arrangement, regardless of the motif you’re aiming for. Given its uneven shape, it might not be conducive to keeping it at the sides only. It can, of course, also function as a central table, both visually and functionally, one that can keep more than just your drinks or reading materials within easy reach.