Stunning modern home comes with an all-glass conservatory that intersects through the architecture!

You’ve never seen a skylight look this beautiful! Meet the Chalet-2, a modern bungalow-style home designed by Ukrainian architect and interior designer, Alex Svyryd. Designed in black, with almost cabin-like proportions, the home boasts of a clean, Scandinavian-inspired design that sort of looks like a rock with a crystal jutting through it. The crystal in question, is the Chalet-2’s gorgeous conservatory, which cuts through the building’s architecture, creating a two-way window that allows outsiders to admire the chalet’s interiors, and the home’s residents to get a stunning view of their surroundings… enjoyed best at sunset with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate between your hands!

The house’s black appearance tends to give it an air of secrecy, but the glass conservatory almost challenges that, providing a beautiful peek into the house’s warm and cozy, wooden interiors. The conservatory even acts as a skylight, allowing light to make its way through right into the house’s living room, illuminating the interiors with a shaft of direct natural light that diffuses all over the house, illuminating it beautifully during the day.

Designer: Alex Svyryd