Yummy Pieces of Ceramic

This collection of plates and cups and containers and etcetera are all about the creation process. Designer Dik Scheepers saw the way the ceramics industry was doing things: multiple iterations of mold-making labor intensive, and said hey, let’s make this easier. So he did. It’s all so simple. Instead of creating a mold for the whole bowl at once, ask why it’s got to be perfectly round – then you will see the answer. Pieces of π (pi) uses individually constructed pie pieces of molding to create, making a modular system of this whole process!

These final products you see here are made of porcelain and ceramic glaze. Seems so simple! Can it be? If it is, why haven’t we moved on to this lovely, sometimes even more aesthetically pleasing way of molding bowls and glasses? Why the trial and error of the current method when it could all be so simple as this?

And Scheepers – I want these cups. They’d totally erase my spilling all over my face all the time problem!

Rendering: Joost Ritzen

Designer: Dik Scheepers