Can we do better than masks in the future? This helmet-inspired PPE sits comfortably on your head and gives you 99.99% pure air

There’s no feeling worse than relaxing the mask mandate only to revisit it again in a couple of months. A full 16 months later, masks still suck, and even the ones with the fans inside them don’t seem to even be half as comfortable as not wearing a mask… so the folks at Seguro decided the best way to design a face mask was to not design one at all.

Meet the Airsafe, a personal wearable air-purifier that models itself on a helmet instead of a face mask. It rests comfortably on your head, with a visor shielding your face on the front, and a purifier sending fresh air in from the back. There’s no elastic strap around your ear, no fabric pressed against your mouth, and no chance of your nose getting pinched because your spectacles and mask don’t go well together. The Airsafe puts you in a protective bubble of sorts, allowing you to go about your day as you breathe fresh air, smile at people, with something as socially acceptable as a helmet on your head.

Designer: Ron Fajardo

Click here to Buy Now: $199 $320 (38% off). Hurry, for a limited time only.

The Airsafe comes in two variants that address two specific problems. The full-face variant is an alternative to the N95 face mask + face shield. It guards your entire face with a clear visor, along with a padded fabric seal around the lower half of your face to prevent air leakage.

The air you breathe filters in through a HEPA filter at the back, powered by a fan that pushes 99.99% fresh air in through hidden channels directly to your nose and mouth, so you never feel stuffy or suffocated. It creates a clean, safe breathing environment that serves as an alternative to traditional PPE, working well in the pandemic but also serving beyond by allowing you to breathe clean air in polluted cities or even in dusty workshops where you’d commonly wear a mask. The HEPA filters are replaceable, allowing you to swap filters out when they get dirty, and the innovative fabric Gaiterseal around the lower half of your face is removable, washable, and creates an anti-microbial seal that prevents the intrusion of pathogens.

The half-shield Airsafe looks and feels a lot like a half-helmet. The visor doesn’t cover your entire face, but shields just the eyes. Designed more for people with allergies to dust and pollen, the half-shield Airsafe helps provide clean air to you without necessarily creating that air-tight seal around your face.

Both of AirSafe’s variants are made from a plastic outer shell, are padded on the insides, and weigh under 2lbs – so they sit comfortably on your head, allowing you to wear them for hours. An internal battery powers the Airsafe for up to 7 hours on a full charge, and a nifty USB-C port on the back lets you easily charge your mask/helmet. Overall, the Airsafe provides a safer, more comfortable, and future-proof alternative to the face mask. It’s designed and styled to look like a helmet (although fair warning, it isn’t an alternative to a protective helmet), so you can wear it rather comfortably outdoors, or possibly even indoors too – you’ll definitely look more futuristic!

Click here to Buy Now: $199 $320 (38% off). Hurry, for a limited time only.