Piezoelectricity Generation X!

Electric polarization in a substance resulting from the application of mechanical stress – that’s what Piezoelectricity is. It’s used in these: Eco-Enegry Flooring System pads that use the pressure applied by people walking, running, rolling over to squeeze piezoelectric blocks. Upon squeezing, energy is generated and stored on a paper battery system. Then, THEN, the energy is used for, what else? LED lights!

The pads are actually made up of 6 layers. On top, the upper housing is water resistant, sealed with ultra-sonic welding to prevent moisture from entering the lower levels. Next, there’s the OLED board to be programmed with letters, patterns, all kinds of stuff to be lit up by the power below. Below that, sponge material working as cushioning and distribution of force and pressure. Under that, the Piezoelectric board containing crystal boards to generatre the energy. Below that PCB board. Below that the Paper Battery to store the energy. Then the bottom, the lower housing, the part that touches the ground.

Easy to transport, easy to use, basically perfect.

Cost effective? That’d be awesome.

Designer: Stephen Chan Wing Tak

Eco-Enegry Flooring System by Stephen Chan Wing Tak