This backpack is designed for stylish millennials who want to add a pop of colour to office outfit!

It’s no secret that today’s younger generations look at work differently. Just because ‘adulting’ was once equated with a 9-5 office job, it doesn’t mean it still is or that we ever have to lose our own sense of style while working one. Today’s younger generations are geared towards more casual, remote working anyway, workplaces have implemented more transparent and inclusive business models, and employers are steadily recognizing the value in each of their employee’s unique personalities and perspectives. Named after the German word for “young,” the Jung Business Backpack designed by Nicole Nassif was created for the young (or old) professional who wants to show off their personal style inside and outside of the office.

Nassif set out to build a backpack that’s conventional in function, yet unconventional in appearance. The Jung Business Backpack takes care of all the practical needs as your standard business bag. Inside, a padded laptop sleeve protects your personal computer from any potential damage following a fall or drop. Then, an outer sleeve wraps over the backpack’s main zipper, offering an extra buffer against any potential damage and a place to tie any items or carabiners to the outside of your backpack. Nassif stitched accessory pockets to the exterior of the Jung Business Backpack, providing spaces for you to keep your smartphone, stationery, and car keys. Each leather pocket is also given a primary color, answering Nassif’s whimsical blueprint. Plastic bubbles were also sewn into Jung’s outer sleeve to provide an added layer of protection against the elements and theft, keeping your accessories safe inside their bubbles.

Maintaining the backpack’s traditional silhouette, Nassif gave the Jung Business Backpack a rectangular shape, rounding its corners to give it a less rigid form and echo its young personality. Combining playful colors with heavy-duty materials and an overall minimalist personality, Nassif built the Jung Business Backpack to remind us all that work doesn’t have to be so serious all the time.

Designer: Nicole Nassif

Nicole Nassif set out to design a backpack that’s conventional in function and unconventional in appearance.

Nassif’s final prototype envisions plastic bubbles to cover leather accessory pockets.

Named after the German word for “young,” Jung Backpack is whimsical in appearance but gets the job done in the office.

Accessory pockets line the outside of Jung, while a padded laptop pocket fills up a quarter of its interior space. The backpack’s outer sleeve wraps around Jung’s exterior with plastic buckles that leave room to tie any items or carabiners.

Nassif aimed to create a minimalist backpack, adding whimsical accents like primary color pockets.