Sunbrella by Greg Freer

Sunbrella is like a regular beach umbrella, except that it is a source of energy and also an outlet to power small appliances. Because of these alternate uses, the Sunbrella can be beneficial to multiple users. The 6 foot diameter solar panel that uses Photovoltaics can produce a peak output of 282 watts. (For example: a standard bathroom fan takes 18 watts of energy to run. A standard CD/cassette player takes 30 watts. An Engel 65 Refrigerator takes 43.2 watts to be powered). Along with a plug in for small appliances, it also comes with a built in fan for additional cooling on hotter days. The parts are all detachable for easy flat storage, and the spheral solar cells used for the panel are durable, light, and flexible. For the beach, you can also use the drill anchor for an easier set up. The Sun~brella was designed for personal (Beach goers, Porsches) and for commercial (Resorts, Street Vendors, and Restaurant Patios) use.

Designer: Greg Freer


  • Daniel says:

    I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100% regarding poetry, but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong 🙂

  • Aureolo says:

    where can I find more info about it?
    May I buy it?

  • Fernando Casta&ntild says:

    My company is very interested in the marketing of this product (sun-brella) and would like to extend the information. Thank you very much and cordial regards.

  • Fernando Castaño Glz. says:

    My company is very interested in the marketing of this product (sun-brella) and would like to extend the information. Thank you very much and cordial regards.

    • Tobyn Tyler says:

      To whom it may concern,
      I have invented a similar umbrella with all the solar schematics worked out. I have a prototype that is more designed for a cafe or home with several varieties and voltages. It is simple to use and is great for the environment. Email me for more info. Tobyn

      • Peter Wildberger says:

        I am interested in anything to do with this. I think micro solar installations are grand and would like to help get them out there in people’s lives! Please let me know where to begin!

      • Irem Kefeli says:

        Dear Tobyn Tyler,

        I have read your comment about sunbrella and would like to receive some information about your product.

        Best regards,


      • judysolar says:

        We are interested in your idea, and we are in photovoltaic business. Would you please give us your more info?—

      • Ron says:


        I’d like more info on your prototype. I’m looking for something like this for immediate production. Contact me at [email protected].


      • David Tran says:

        Dear Tobin,

        I would be interested in discussing more with you on your umbrella design. Please write me at [email protected]


      • Arian says:


        Please contact me immediately. [email protected] or Tel.(954) 600-5958

        Arian Reyes (Currently Selling and LEGAL RIGHTS Owner of the Solar Umbrella)

        • Tobyn says:

          I’m using photovoltaic paint on my unbrellas in which there are no solar cells used. The paint has nano chips in it and also powers off of infared heat.

      • Odmaa says:


        I am interested in your solar umbrella product. Would like to see pictures. pls email. thanks and all the best!

      • Pablo says:


        My company is interesting in this item.

        Would you mind sending me more info at [email protected]?


  • adry says:

    is wonderfull

  • Akram says:

    Would like to market sunbrella at my shop … where to buy it?

    • Arian Reyes says:

      Hello Akram,

      I am Arian Reyes of Solar Solace. I am the original inventor of the Sun-Brella dated years before this article was published.Currently, I am manufacturing this umbrella. How many umbrellas would you like to order. Please contact me @ 954-600-5958 or e-mail me at [email protected].

      Thank you

  • Domenic says:

    This product is already patented, manufactured and is being sold. The company is Solar Solace LLC and the inventor/CEO is Arian Reyes. The umbrella, or Sun-brella, is like a traditional umbrella but has solar panels on it.

  • Where can I find more info about it?
    May I buy it?
    I need quotation for quantity.

    Thank you.

  • C. Magno says:

    This product has an original design and cannot be copared with umbrella with isolated solar panels called sun-brella by became old-fashioned now…sorry!

  • TRAVERSAT says:


  • TRAVERSAT says:


  • Jadson Oliver says:

    Hi Tobyn, I would like to have more information about your product. Have very serious group interesting to use this kind of Umbrella in their companies.
    Thank you.

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  • David says:

    Good Day I am from South Africa we are a technology Distributor in Southern Africa. we would be interested in looking at your product to supply our customers in 14 countries. please would you send me some details

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  • Acosta sébastian says:

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    Best R

  • bar reuven says:

    hallo. i want to know please if you sell it already.
    if the answer is yes, what is the price?
    and where can i buy it?
    thank you

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