Sunbrella by Greg Freer

Sunbrella is like a regular beach umbrella, except that it is a source of energy and also an outlet to power small appliances. Because of these alternate uses, the Sunbrella can be beneficial to multiple users. The 6 foot diameter solar panel that uses Photovoltaics can produce a peak output of 282 watts. (For example: a standard bathroom fan takes 18 watts of energy to run. A standard CD/cassette player takes 30 watts. An Engel 65 Refrigerator takes 43.2 watts to be powered). Along with a plug in for small appliances, it also comes with a built in fan for additional cooling on hotter days. The parts are all detachable for easy flat storage, and the spheral solar cells used for the panel are durable, light, and flexible. For the beach, you can also use the drill anchor for an easier set up. The Sun~brella was designed for personal (Beach goers, Porsches) and for commercial (Resorts, Street Vendors, and Restaurant Patios) use.

Designer: Greg Freer