The Roborock H7 is lighter + more powerful than Dyson’s vacuum cleaners, and comes with magnetic accessories

It might be a must-have in every modern household, but did you know the vacuum cleaner was invented 120 years ago in 1901? The vacuum cleaner is perceived as such a contemporary household gadget, but it predates the popup toaster by as many as 6 years, and the ballpoint pen by 37 years. Heck, it even existed before teabags and instant coffee. Goes to show how our modern life isn’t so modern at all, although technology’s certainly played a major role in turning the vacuum cleaner into the absolute versatile gizmo it is today. It’s certainly something the folks at Roborock focus on, as they engineer the future into their line of vacuum cleaners. Roborock’s H7 vacuum cleaners also combine unique and innovative tech features that set them apart, from the high-power LiPO battery that gives the cleaner a whopping 90-minute run time, to the motor that automatically boosts suction when it’s cleaning a carpet, or the noise-suppressor built into the back which makes cleaning a relatively low-decibel chore, to even the fact that the vacuum cleaner now comes with a magnetic wall-mounted holster that lets you easily snap accessories and attachments to it (instead of storing them in your attic). The vacuum cleaner may have a 120-year history, but the guys at Roborock are more intent on looking 10 years ahead rather than behind.

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There’s an archetype of the regular vacuum cleaner that the Roborock H7 is determined to shatter. It isn’t clunky, fidgety, noisy, or even wired. Styled like a futuristic gadget, the wireless vacuum cleaner weighs a mere 3.2lbs or 1.4 kilograms (that’s half as much as Dyson’s latest V15 vacuum), making it easy to maneuver around the house and even clean tough-to-reach areas like the ceiling. It still comes with a powerful 480W motor that generates an industry-leading 160 air watts of suction, enough to make cleaning so easy, you’ll be done in no time.

The lightweight vacuum cleaner sits within its wall-mounted docking station, charging fully in under 2.5 hours. The dock comes with a magnetic platform (codenamed the MagBase) that lets you easily attach the H7’s cleaning heads and accessories, snapping them off when you need to use them. Each cleaner comes with the signature multi-surface brush that works equally well on floors as on carpets (and comes with anti-static carbon-fiber bristles to protect your carpets and rugs), along with a motorized mini brush for cushions and mattresses, a dusting brush, and a crevice nozzle for small hard-to-reach areas. The accessories connect to the vacuum either directly, or via an extendable baton, or flexible tube.

The H7 also focuses on a largely ignored part of the vacuum cleaning experience (or the part that’s the most difficult to ignore) – the noise. As air passes through the cleaner, it goes through its advanced airflow management system that filters the air out while dampening the sound too, through a series of noise suppressors, acoustic baffles, and resonance isolators. The air gets filtered too, going through 5-layers of HEPA filtration, and all the dust and dirt finally gets collected in the H7’s dust bag that automatically seals as you remove it, preventing the dust or dirt from leaking out. The H7’s filters, cyclone, and dust-chamber are washable too, so you never have to mount a dusty vacuum cleaner back up on your wall when you’re done making your house look as good as new!

Click Here to Buy Now: $449.99 $499.99 (10% off). Hurry, offer ends 26th July, 2021.