This versatile lounge chair opens up every room with its foldable build and Scandinavian design

Living in small spaces calls for either multifunctional or foldable furniture. When you have the choice to fold up and stow away a lounge chair or use hidden compartments in a bed frame for storage, the space in your bedroom or living area completely opens up. Following the debut of their modular FK Bookcase System, furniture maker Carl Hansen & Søn introduces the Plico Chair, a handcrafted wooden lounge chair that folds into itself for easy storage.

The Plico Chair got its name from the Latin translation, “To fold.” Built using Scandinavian design flairs and minimal ornamentation, the Plico Chair’s frame is crafted from solid oak wood for a natural look and sturdy base. The rear legs of the Plico Chair fall back, allowing a natural recline for the cushion to rest. Upholstered in linen canvas, the cushion also evokes a subtle comfort with organic tones and lasting protection from inevitable wear and tear. A natural leather hide strap extends from the rear legs to the front of a chair to create an armrest propped up with a center wooden peg. Designed to be disassembled for easy storage, the Plico Chair features exposed brass fitting and visible joints, enhancing its already elemental aesthetic.

With such an elegant look and versatile design, Knud Erik Hansen, CEO of Carl Hansen & Søn describes the chair’s appeal, “The Plico Chair is an extremely versatile piece of furniture – not only in its function of being a foldable lounge chair, but also in its appearance, and it fits elegantly into the living room, the cottage, and the hotel room and lobby. It is a comfortable and cozy chair to sit in with a good book and a cup of coffee.”

Designer: Carl Hansen & Søn

The Plico Chair comes in two forms, one includes a headrest, while the other does not.

Easily disassembled, the Plico Chair fold into itself for easy storage and portability.

The Plico Chair was designed to add an elegant, yet inviting flair to every room.

Leather strap and exposed brass fittings give the Plico Chair an elemental look.

Canvas linen covering gives the Plico Chair a comfortable and durable feel.