Meet the world’s first gaming bike with powerful PC hardware, courtesy of Gigabyte (Aorus), Red Bull, and Intel!

Don’t debunk this mini rocker BMX bike for an unpractical concept since it is a real-life creation designed by Russia-based shop Mactepckar Yolenzo. The project commissioned by Gigabyte (Aorus), Red Bull, and Intel is nothing like we’ve seen in the past. It is called the Exo Giga Bike, and it is loaded with high-end PC hardware – a GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card, Gigabyte z590i Aorus ultra motherboard, and the Intel i5-11600K processor. That combination makes this PC gaming bike the ideal ride for geeks who like to perform insane BMX tricks in the afternoon and then hit the couch for some shooting action on their PC by the nighttime. The Exo Giga Bike does them both in style!

The mini BMX game bike can ride the city and do the odd trick without all that PC hardware coming in the way. We can turn the steering 90 degrees without much fuzz, and the pedaling action doesn’t get obstructed. It even has a water cooling system to keep the temperature of the PC hardware under tab if you go out on a LAN gaming spree at your buddy’s place. Yes, it is no gimmick as it has an AORUS RGB 32 GB 3733 MHz RAM and the 2TB AORUS Gen4 NVME SSD. Fully capable of connecting to a display and initiate high-end gaming at high graphics settings.

This mini BMX gaming bike is a whole new way to carry your gaming rig with you. You don’t want to risk such pricey PC hardware getting damaged while performing tricks (even though my current PC would crash more than this, literally) or when the clouds come raining down. If you are planning to gaming with this setup, we recommend a really long power cord to keep you going, no matter where

Designer:  Mactepckar Yolenzo