Water My Weight

After its useful life, a weighing machine generates a lot of wasteful scrap that can be limited, if we revisit the design. An out-of-the-box solution is the Water Climb; a scale that uses water, a watertight bag and cylindrical marked glass tube. Using the laws of physics for its functioning, the project calls for an Archimedes moment and maybe some applause. My only worry is that the scale shouldn’t wobble too much under my heavy weight!

Designers: Jaeyoon Park, Dajeong Kim & Jeong Heo


  • Obviously the idea is not so original ; )
    But me tool like this water balance instead of using a lot of electronics.

  • Obviously the idea is not so original ; )
    But me too like this water balance instead of using a lot of electronics.

  • colinrichardson says:

    any plans to make this available for sale?

  • Nathan says:

    They made a horrible mistake, the scale should be exponential instead of linear, and the principal they us wasn’t founded by Archimedes.

    And if you say a product is green, then please tell me which material is used and how it can be recycled after it breaks?

  • jesper johannesson says:

    Why are people so hateful on this site? On almost all things some f***** needs to act like a wiseass and just smash everything.

    You know there is a nice way of saying “that wouldn’t work” right?

  • Bauski says:

    why exponential? o.O

  • Nathan says:

    Gas law:
    P * V / T = constant

    V = T/P

    Assuming T(temperature) is constant you have a y = 1/x graph which is exponential (or hyperbolic).

    And I’m not saying that it is a bad design, but it needs some more work.

  • Thijs says:

    I like the design. Ofcourse it wouldn’t be perfectly accurate, but in general, who really cares if it’s off a kilogram or something?
    I know some anorexic models that might care, but for general use it’s fine I think.

    Good idea, would be nice to see it made in to reality. Shouldn’t be too hard to make a prototype I think. Just get the calibration right.

  • Ahmed says:

    Not practical may be somehow stupid but it is beautiful using water natural element seeing every component and no complex mechanisms, I think that is what it is all about.

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