Slide the circular Elina light out of its cover to illuminate your home. Watch the video!

Bibliophile’s all over the world agree there is no such thing as too many books, nor is any such thing as too many lights to keep your cozy corners lit. For the exact moment when you want to keep your lamp handy but not have it occupy real estate when not in use, the Elina was created!

The Elina by Dirk Vosding stands on the shelf like a classic book and performs its function as a bookend. But if it’s pulled out slowly, the disc inside begins to glow and sheds more and more light on the surrounding books. When pulled out completely, the illuminated circle serves as a reading light. The Elina sits in a sleeve when not in use, keeping the light itself clean and free of dust. It functions without any switches as such, the interactive nature of the device works as an on/off mechanism. The inner light disc comes to about a 60% of a circle, not the entire disc though that would have been a better touch. The disc can also be rotated to add some targeted lighting in any space.

Fun quirky, and an accent when it is in use – the Elina is the perfect light you need. With my bookshelf always overflowing and me reading late into the night, I would love to have this light around for some uninterrupted reading time that won’t disturb anyone around me with any clicking noises. Best of all, slide it closed with your book, and you are good to go!

Designer: Dirk Vosding