This playful no-screw-no-glue shelf uses modular interlocking pieces and your imagination!

Taking DIY furniture to a more functional and playful level, KUR!O’s shelving unit doesn’t just let you build a shelf, it lets you build YOUR OWN shelf the way you see fit. KUR!O’s design features a simple grid base that you wedge shelving-plates into. The plates interlock with each other, creating walls and floors for your shelf, allowing you to store all your belongings in the dedicated spaces you planned out for them!

The KUR!O was featured here on YD after winning a Gold A’ Design Award, and has, since then, developed and refined into a product that consumers can now buy and own. The construction hasn’t changed much fundamentally, but a few tweaks make it more durable, and allow you to even dock dowels/pegs into it to hang items like keys, photos, or that dreamcatcher you bought at the flea market.

The base of the shape-shifting, infinitely customizable shelf is its underlying grid, made from sandwiched wood-fiber boards. The cuts in the grid go as much as 20mm deep, allowing you press-fit powder-coated steel panels into it. The steel panels come in a variety of colors, giving the KUR!O its uniquely vibrant appeal, and feature carefully-placed cuts that let individual panels interlock into each other. The 2mm thick panels are heavy-duty enough to take on large loads, making the KUR!O robust, despite the fact that there isn’t any screwing or gluing of parts. Each KUR!O even comes with a set of 8mm thick steel sticks or dowels that peg into the circular holes at the intersection of the cutouts. Plug a stick in and you instantly have yourself a series of hooks right beside your shelf-spaces so you can both hang as well as place items on your KUR!O.

KUR!O’s promise of playful modularity even extends to the entire board itself, allowing you to put together multiple base-boards to create a larger shelving unit for trophies or family photos in your hall, tools in your workshop, instruments in your studio (those stick/dowels are perfect for hanging long cables), or items in your workplace. KUR!O’s fun nature is further reinforced by its absolutely delicious color scheme that adds a pop of contemporary color to otherwise dull spaces. Use it as a mantelpiece, as an unorthodox wardrobe for your hats, specs, coats, or a bookshelf that you can constantly customize as you go… and if you’re looking for more fun, use the KUR!O’s stainless-steel panels as a quirky base for your magnets too!

Designer: Markus Hofko of Von Morgen

Click Here to Buy Now: $318 $530 (40% off).

KUR!O — A Plug’n’Play Shelving System

The KUR!O is a modular shelving unit that gives you the freedom to re-design it over and over with ease and fun.

KUR!O combines an incredibly simple plug’n’play system with a sturdy and timeless design and turns seemingly mundane furniture into a piece of modern art.

Board and panels are available in various colors and sizes giving the freedom to create customized looks. Furthermore, KUR!O can be extended by joining multiple KUR!Os. So you can fill a whole wall with your very own composition.

Endless Possibilities with the KUR!O

COAT HANGER PLUS. Our entrance area actually requires more than a coat hanger. We have keys, sunglasses, scarves, a wallet, a watch, some jewelry, a USB stick and what not… KUR!O offers an all in one solution to place your little everyday belongings in one stylish place. The sticks come in really handy here!

ORDERLY BEAUTY. Lots of little bits and pieces gather in our bathrooms, often in undefined places. Thanks to the moisture-resistant materials KUR!O could be a stylish solution for your bathroom.

EVER CHANGING BOOKSHELF. We all love books. How about keeping them in reach and present them beautifully? The panels are made of steel and can easily hold a bunch of them.

COLLECTORS DISPLAY. The original idea for KUR!O was to create a modular shelf to display these wondrous things while being able to change them through over time. So if you collect stuff KUR!O is a no-brainer!

SPICE RACK WITH BENEFITS. KUR!O changes with your needs and stays relevant for much longer than your typical rack.

KIDS’ FAVORITES: Kids love stuff! And these things often change. Handcrafted paper objects, found natural objects, action figures, toy animals… How about giving your child the opportunity to display these beloved things in a fun way?!

Easy to Use

KUR!O is designed to be fun and versatile. A regular grid of slits and holes in a base board hold the sticks and panels of different sizes. The panels can be placed in any order and interconnect when tucked together vertically and horizontally. Panels and sticks sit 19mm deep inside the board and are held tightly. This system does not require any screws or tools and allows for an instant change of the layout. Plug’n’play!

The Board

The material for these boards is a sophisticated high density wood fibre compound which is completely dyed through, moisture resistant, non-toxic and of high stability. Some of the wood fibers are visible on the surface and gives the boards a natural and lively appearance.

The base of KUR!O is made up of two sandwiched wood fibre boards. The back of all bases will be an 8mm thick fundament. On top sits the 19mm thick main board available in following colors: Black — Blue — Grey — Chocolate — Red — Ocher

Holes and slits go all the way through the top board, meaning the modules will go 19mm deep into the board.

The Modules

The modules are made of powder coated steel, so they are heavy duty and won’t bend with heavy objects on them.

The panels are 2mm thick, the sticks have an 8mm diameter.


The boards connect seamlessly when pushed against each other. This way you can extend your area of shelving by combining multiple KUR!Os. That’s where the real fun starts!

The boards can be joined and fixed on the backside with screw-in connectors.

Click Here to Buy Now: $318 $530 (40% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!