Still hiding your cash inside your shoes at the beach? This 100% waterproof wallet can go surfing with you!

What’s your accepted method of protecting your belongings when you go to the beach? Do you hide stuff in your sneakers, ask a friend to guard your belongings, or dig a hole in the sand and mark it with some random object? Sounds like a lot of effort, if you ask me… especially if you’re a frequent beachhead or a surfing enthusiast. It’s a problem that avid traveler and digital nomad Ronan Finnegan often found himself having, and determined to find an appropriate solution, Finnegan designed Submerge, a waterproof wallet you don’t need to stash on land, because it can go swimming with you!

Designer: Ronan Finnegan

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The Submerge, as its name rightfully suggests, is an entirely waterproof wallet, all the way from its material to even the zips. It’s not shy of the water, which makes it perfect for the outdoors, whether you’re trekking in the rain, skiing in a mild snowfall, sailing, swimming, surfing, or kayaking.

The Submerge ‘ecosystem’ consists of two products, a durable card-holder, and a zippered, IPx8 waterproof wallet that lets you carry the holder along with some currency, an electronic car key, hotel keycard, and other pocket-worthy belongings you may happen to have.

The card-holder comes with a compact design that’s spacious enough to fit up to 10 cards at a time, with dedicated spaces for quick-access cards too. The holder even comes with a complementary RFID-blocking card to keep you safe from digital snooping, and has two hidden pockets for notes, coins, and keys. The card-holder becomes your de facto wallet while you’re outdoors, and the companion waterproof wallet lets you protect your valuables from the elements.

The zippered wallet sports a slick, smooth design that houses the compact card-holder and some more, and can fit into your pocket as is, or be secured to your arm via an arm-band. A double-velcro strap keeps the wallet secured to your person no matter whether you’re on land or in water, and you’ve even got the option of securing it to your waist using a waistband, or to your bag or belt loop using a carabiner clip. The wallet is made from a waterproof TPU material, complete with waterproof YKK zips. The outer material is quick-drying, and has a silky-smooth surface, allowing it to cut through the water efficiently while you swim.

The birth of Submerge seems pretty congruous with the popular adage – ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. Created by travel enthusiast, surfer, product designer, and serial entrepreneur Ronan Finnegan, Submerge aimed at filling a product gap that Finnegan himself experienced as he visited the beach. Tired of finding newfangled ways to protect his wallet and valuables, Finnegan just decided that the best way to keep your belongings safe was to actually ‘keep’ them with you. To that end, the card-holder and wallet are perfect for almost every outdoor venture.

In fact, aside from being durable and waterproof, Submerge’s card-holder and wallet are sustainably made too, with every part being 100% degradable or recyclable. The TPU used in the wallet is degradable and non-toxic, while the card-holder uses a high-quality elastic, and a Vegan-approved faux suede that’s perfectly resistant to water too. The card-holder and wallet can be used independently, or together for the perfect experience, and Submerge’s ecosystem of products also includes a tote bag for your beach trips, the waist strap, carabiners, and also an emergency SOS whistle… because your life’s more valuable than your belongings!

Click Here to Buy Now: $54 $85 (35% off). Hurry, only 1/618 left!