The Awake is the most sustainable, eco-friendly watch ever built

Imagine if just the simple act of wearing a watch could help save the planet? No, this isn’t hyperbole. The Awake Watch was actually built in a bid to be completely sustainable and eco-friendly, creating a carbon footprint that is drastically lower than most luxurious timepieces out there. The Awake does all this while looking absolutely like a million bucks.

Take the watch exterior, for example. The body is entirely made from recycled 316L stainless steel, while the dial is both visually and originally organic, sporting a beautiful pattern inspired by natural terrain lines, and comes made from recycled plastic. Covering this beautiful texture is a K1 light dome glass with up to 3 layers of anti-reflective coating.

The wrist-strap too, is made entirely from plastic sourced as waste. The plastic refuse is broken down into small flakes, before being converted into microfibers that are then interwoven into a strap that upcycles the waste that normally litters the earth into a strap that’s beautifully woven, incredibly resilient, and with vivid hues.

On the inside lies a Japanese solar-powered Seiko movement that can provide up to 6 months of power reserve with just 3 hours of wearing the watch. The movement absorbs light energy from both the sun and ambient light around you, allowing your watch to be powered entirely by clean, renewable energy. The watch comes without a disposable battery too, ensuring that the watch only reuses waste, without generating any.

Available in four extremely gorgeous colors, a classic black, ocean blue, chlorophyll green, and earthy brown, all watches are made to be waterproof up to a 100 meters, and come with C1 SuperLuminova glow-markings on the dial, allowing your watch to be worn literally anywhere, be it day or night, on land or in the water.

Partnering with the organization Trash Hero, the creators behind the Awake Watches hope to help clean as much as 17 tonnes of ocean trash, and recycle a large bit of it into the watches they produce. There is, after all, a reason why the Awake watches are the most pure, sustainable, and eco-friendly watches ever built. And boy, don’t they look absolutely beautiful too?!

Designers: Lilian Thibault & Frederic Ly Nghia Nguyen Dai.