This 65W GaN travel adapter lets you charge your phone, tablet, and laptop anywhere on the planet!

If you’ve got some tape lying around you, try strapping your laptop/smartphone power-brick to your travel adapter. It probably looks bulky, and downright ugly, but the truth is you can’t really do without either of these when you’re traveling abroad. The international travel adapter is an important interface that helps you plug your devices into any power socket across the world, and the power-brick is just as essential, allowing you to regulate the power being transferred to your smart-devices. They both currently exist as two, separate, bulky yet unavoidable products, but the Nan-Fuse hopes to integrate them into a singular, sleek, travel-friendly device.

Meet the Nan-Fuse… it’s a sleeker, smaller alternative to that taped-up device I told you to make earlier. Designed to function as an international 5-in-1 adapter, as well as a power-brick for your laptop/tablet/smartphone, the Nan-Fuse comes with multiple ports that let you charge multiple gadgets simultaneously. Powered by GaN semiconductor technology, and with an output of up to 65 watts, the Nan-Fuse is the only charging accessory you need to travel with, apart from a bunch of USB-cables, of course.

The GaN (Gallium Nitride) semiconductor tech on the inside of the Nan-Fuse is what makes it so incredibly small. The cutting-edge technology outperforms silicone in multiple areas, and allows adapters and power-bricks to be much smaller while supply power more efficiently. Nan-Fuse capitalizes on GaN’s ability to supply power more efficiently in a smaller avatar by introducing it to perhaps the most fitting industry… travel-tech. Its portable exterior and powerful interior make it incredibly convenient to carry around, and the two USB-C ports and single USB-A port let you juice all your smart devices using one single power-brick. Moreover, the Nan-Fuse packs two traditional 2 and 3-pronged plug-points too, allowing you to use it to power travel accessories like your beard-trimmer or your portable hair-dryer. Its SmartVoltage feature lets it efficiently distribute power to all your devices, allowing you to charge as many as 5 gadgets at the same time without worrying about your adapter heating. The 65W output is powerful enough to charge your laptop, or even quick-charge devices like your phone or tablet! Besides, the Nan-Fuse comes with a set of 10 international adapters to choose from, so you can just pick the ones you’ll need (based on the countries you’re traveling to) and pack them in your bag. I mean, why carry multiple bulky travel accessories when you could carry one sleek one!

Designer: Paul Zeng of Ceptics

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Nan-Fuse: A Super Compact Five-in-One Adaptor

Powered by GaN semiconductor technology, and with an output of up to 65 watts, the compact Nan-Fuse is a 5-in-1 international adapter made for world travelers.

Overall Features:

– 65W of power
– Charge up to 5 devices at once
– Fully grounded for safe operation
– Uses the latest GaN technology to keep it compact
– Comes with 6 adaptors for international travel
– Option for 7 more adaptors to cover the entire world
– 2x 3 prong outlets, 2x USB-C, 1x USB-A

The GaN Advantage

GaN chargers are physically smaller and don’t require as many components as their silicon chargers, while being able to conduct higher voltages. Ceptics has leveraged this GaN technology in the Nan-Fuse.

Charge Up To 5 Devices

Charge multiple devices by accessing just one outlet in your vacation home, hotel or remote business location. With Nan-Fuse, you get:

– 2x North American pass through outlets
– 2 USB-C full speed chargers
– 1 USB-A standard charger
– 65 Watts of full speed power
– A full 3 prong experience – so it won’t fall off the wall once you add weight to it

International Grounding

Enjoy your equipment regardless of where you are in the world.

10+ International Attachments

Ceptics’ products have been around for almost 10 years and they are proudly one of the biggest charger resellers on Amazon. And these adapters are part of existing systems, so they are more than proven.

Click Here To Buy Now: $30 $40 ($10 off). Hurry, for a limited time only!