This sleeping pod features a smart mattress + a full entertainment system to revolutionize your airport experience!

We’ve all either missed a connecting flight or even our first one and have had to find that somewhat (hardly at all) comfortable spot in the airport where we could kill a few hours before our rescheduled flight. If you haven’t been there–consider this a cautionary tale. While being stuck in an airport is never comfortable, designer KAI XIA developed a Sleep Experience Center, a snoozy oasis where users can kill those hours, otherwise spent sleeping upright in a worn-down, leather waiting chair, in blissful comfort.

Sleep Experience Center is essentially a sleeping and living pod that can be stationed in any setting from an airport to a remote science research center. The pod offers a soundproof place of respite stocked with everything from a full entertainment system to a smart mattress that adjusts to your preferred sleeping conditions. Designed for Keeson Group, Sleep Experience Center took to spaceships and luxury automobiles for inspiration, fusing advanced technology with a contemporary, sleek interior to deliver optimal resting conditions.

The showstopper of the pod is definitely the mattress, boasting integrated smart technology that uses software algorithms and hardware sensors to automatically adapt to each user’s body and ideal sleep settings. The freestanding pod is defined by four separate zones: a sleeping area, entertainment center, storage zone, and control module. If users hope to catch some Z’s or play their favorite video game while waiting for their flight, an automated service offered through WeChat grants them access to the pod. Inside, an operation panel allows users to choose their own (restful) adventure.

Everything from aromatherapeutic lamps to a built-in air filtration system fills out the interior of KAI XIA’s Sleep Experience Center. Atmospheric lighting can be manually adjusted, while the air filtration system runs out of sight underneath the pod’s bed. Inside, users can top off their smartphones with some battery juice and enjoy a quick bite to eat before takeoff.

Designer: KAI XIA

Taking inspiration from spaceships and luxury automobiles, Sleep Experience Center looks sleek and packs a lot of punch.

The Sleeping pod looks right at home in contemporary airports, its optic-white finish blends in with any design.

Here, Sleep Experience Center is positioned in either a mall or airport shopping center.

Inside, Sleep Experience Center would feature everything from a smart mattress, to a full entertainment system.

By signing up through WeChat, users are granted access to the snoozy oasis.

Charging ports and storage areas fill out the inside of Sleep Experience Center.

Designed for any setting, Sleep Experience Center can even be stationed at remote science research centers.

Mood lighting enhances sleeping conditions to ensure a restful getaway.