This tiny foldable pocket knife is an EDC designed to fit in the little front pocket of your jeans!

A compact EDC at the right place and the right time can solve your needs. This is specifically true when you are outdoors and need to open a can or cut through the thick bushes in the woods. The scenarios can be endless, but the utility remains the same – a compact pocket knife that can double as your makeshift knife, bottle opener, tab opener, and more, depending on your ability to put it to good use. The best part of all? It fits into that tiny front pocket of your jeans and stays tucked there anytime you need to use it!

Here enters the Zootility ST-2 foldable pocket knife into the spotlight, reinforced with a unibody design thanks to the screw-less form factor. The multi-tool is a mere 0.080 inches thick, measures 3.51-inches in the closed configuration, and the open mode extends to 5.8-inches. ST-2 is crafted out of 440C stainless steel material, so you can bank on its strength for cutting even the hardest of materials with utter ease. One exciting feature of this EDC that will be important for frequent travelers is the patented FlyOff technology that allows you to remove the blade from the body quickly and forfeit it when you forget to take it out of your pocket at the airport. You’ll be able to get the replacement blade with ease, saving you from all the trouble.

The knife function is the primary one on the everyday carry tool, while the secondary functions like bottle/can opener and twist tab opener come in handy. Other than tucking it inside your coin pocket, we can hook it onto any buckles or backpack for adventure escapades. Truly, ST-2 is a thin tool destined for your EDC essentials!

Designer: Zootility

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