Razer BELiEF holds a portable SSD with a slim mousepad so you never forget your stored data!

When design meets innovation, the result is functional joy served on the platter! The Razer BELiEF designed by creative studio Smooth Way is a testament to that fact. This cool conceptual gadget is a mouse pad that doubles as an external solid-state drive (SSD), something that no one asked for but everyone needed. This super thoughtful product design is the brainchild of designers Jaehee Kim and Seungho Choi who’ve adapted Razer’s philosophy, highlighting the use of technology for digital nomads for this fantastic creation.

The idea is relatively straightforward; use the accessory as a mouse pad and when you need to transfer data, attach the cable, and it’s all done. Then, when it is time to take the data home from your office, wrap up the mouse pad, and you’re good to go. Portability is the key here as BELiEF offers lighting fast data transfer speeds, and maximum space utilization on your work desk. The accessory comprises of rubber and plastic material – joined together by bonds and screws – showing the clear distinction between the two usabilities. A dynamic gauge displays the data transmission status (both download and upload) in the customary Razer colorways – even the design bears a very close resemblance to the brand’s characteristics.

To make it easy to carry the SSD, there are magnets at the top and bottom for a quick clasp action. A similar real-life product from Razer (I hope they are watching this one) would be the perfect addition to any desk space – gaming or otherwise. I genuinely like this accessory’s simplistic yet beneficial design, and would I want to own one in real life? No questions asked there, just shut up and take my money!

Designer: Smooth Way