Put the Breaks On. Gold Please.

Boot to the head. Robots, tip lamps, flower frames, slingshots, and now BMX-Style bike boots. You’d better step up your I.D. game if you’re gonna catch up with the Cedric Ragot family. Presenting here a state-of-the-art extreme sport boot that’s got three patents to it’s name. Best believe your foot’s in good shape here with the Genius MX Boot.

The SCOTT Pivot System, the Brake Transfer Pad, and the Sure-Feel Shifter Pad. Boot it up! Looks rather Iron-Man-ish doesn’t it? I’ll take mine in slime-green.

For an EXTENSIVE early review of this boot from last year, check out the forums at [Thumpertalk] – the boot is now in full production. Check out the Cedric Ragot portfolio site to see video and additional process pics!

Designer: Cedric Ragot


  • zippyflounder says:

    NIce job, well thought out…good luck in that truly important and tough test…the market space.

  • Keith says:

    It looks pretty cool. I can’t evaluate it on functionality though. If the mechanisms that make it “new and improved” were shown that would be better, like that Brake Transfer Pad, and the Sure-Feel Shifter Pad. I’m having trouble finding those patents online. Pending?

    • Chris Burns says:

      Read that link to the review, that explains a little better – or try looking for them like this:

      SCOTT Pivot System 000055
      Brake Transfer Pad 000056
      Sure-Feel Shifter Pad 000057

  • Kevin Redon says:

    Very nice job man !

  • Laughing Out Loud says:

    Yep this is a great example of a Design that was not only way out there (blue sky idea) but proved that a company can spend so much money on developing a product that does not function nor sell well at all!! Yep it did not sell well at all. How about you enlighten everyone about the functioning quality the boot had!! You couldn’t shift in the over glorified storm trooper boot, the boot had no nimble dexterity in motocross it would have been a great construction boot or a ski boot but in motocross it sucked ass…

  • Bjorn says:

    Are you sure you made this entirely by yourself cedric :)?

  • herve maneint says:


    RAGOT just participate to the drawings and roughs of the patent at the beginning. NEVER DEVELOPPED ANYTHING OF THAT STORY !

    BY the way he use the MX GENIUS BOOTS SCOTT TO PROMOTE HIMSELF which is sign of vanity and poor respect of the industrial and rights property.

    To be honest its the perfect illustration of a BASTARD.

    SAME STORY WITH ST ETIENNE CITY of DESIGN where this boot is exposed with the name of RAgot as inventor.

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