Put the Breaks On. Gold Please.

Boot to the head. Robots, tip lamps, flower frames, slingshots, and now BMX-Style bike boots. You’d better step up your I.D. game if you’re gonna catch up with the Cedric Ragot family. Presenting here a state-of-the-art extreme sport boot that’s got three patents to it’s name. Best believe your foot’s in good shape here with the Genius MX Boot.

The SCOTT Pivot System, the Brake Transfer Pad, and the Sure-Feel Shifter Pad. Boot it up! Looks rather Iron-Man-ish doesn’t it? I’ll take mine in slime-green.

For an EXTENSIVE early review of this boot from last year, check out the forums at [Thumpertalk] – the boot is now in full production. Check out the Cedric Ragot portfolio site to see video and additional process pics!

Designer: Cedric Ragot