For Toilet Texters Everywhere


Something I truly fear… dropping my phone in the loo! Incredibly, 1 in 6 of us do it every year. Considering the costly repairs or replacement, it’s simply not worth the risk. Now there’s a simple solution for bathroom spaces that don’t have a convenient counter where you can put your device down. It’s called the LooLedge and it provides a space to rest your phone… errrr…. when your hands are occupied! It’s merged with the functionality of a traditional toilet paper holder- all with a twist of modern style and flair that is easily integrated into existing restrooms.

Designer: Axis Design






  • NZ says:

    What this world needs is fewer people staring at their phones. So, I’ve got an even better product idea for toilet texters (and cell phone users in general): it’s a kind of funnel, where you put your phone in the top and watch it go down the toilet. Even if you can’t flush it, you can still enjoy the increased productivity the thing provides you as a paperweight.

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