Minimalist 3D-printed pen comes with a literal ‘twist’ that acts as its eye-catching detail!

Kairi Eguchi’s 3D-printed pen has a pretty unique way of balancing minimalism along with an expressive design. It’s rather simple if you break it down by its cross-section – The pen’s basically square-shaped, but it isn’t just a simple extruded square. Somewhere down the middle, the square profile makes a gradual 180° twist, creating a form that’s wonderful to look at and has a tactile appeal!

Designer: Kairi Eguchi

The pens come with a rather rough stone-ish texture as a result of the sandstone FDM printing. This adds to the pen’s unique appearance and its tactile appeal. It looks like stone, but feels surprisingly light, while that rough surface is also great to grip. The twist in the pen’s design is right above where one would normally grip it, so it ideally rests in the web of your hand rather than being difficult to hold. The twisted surface also allows the pen to roll, which seems rather unusual for something that’s originally square-shaped.

Titled the Serpentina (for ‘serpentine’), the pen takes on a snake-like quality with its long, twisting, dynamic-looking body. The pen’s showcased in 3 colors, a concrete grey, charcoal black, and a rather unusual resin-like transparent yellow.

The Serpentina Pen is a Silver Winner of the Design For Asia Awards for the year 2020.