This geometric concrete house is giving us modern brutalism goals!

Brutalism has long been considered an architectural style most commonly used in industrial and institutional buildings. This design theory is centered around the usage of concrete, steel, and modular elements. People stay away from this style because the aesthetic isn’t inviting or warm enough for residential projects but Badie Architects proves otherwise. The Maadi Villa is nestled away from the Egyptian traffic and is an expat haven complete with a pool and open views – a gem in the city. Maadi Villa combines elements of brutalism with materials such as wood and wide windows in order to create a home that is both timeless and modern.

The angular arch over the main entrance complements the otherwise simple geometric form of the house. The wood and concrete naturally balance the cool and warm CMF of the exterior with black accents to tie it all together. The interiors also have the same modern and minimal vibe with a giant spiraling staircase that catches the eye (even from outside!). The large windows allow for plenty of natural light that adds to the ‘spaciousness’ inside the light-colored interiors. Mohamed Badie brings minimalism, expressionism, and experimentalism to life in this one project in perfect balance.

Designer: Badie Architects