This biodegradable toothpaste + recycled disposable toothbrush combo leaves zero footprint on the environment!

Disposable paper products come in handy more often than we might expect. While it’s a responsible and sustainable choice to go with disposable alternatives considering their plastic rivals, it can also be a convenient one. Whether we find ourselves backpacking in the mountains, camping in the woods, or road-tripping across the country, disposable home products are lightweight to carry and easy to get rid of.

A team of designers based in China unveiled their own disposable home product, a recycled paper toothbrush called Cycle that even comes complete with biodegradable toothpaste. Made from food-grade recycled paper, Cycle boasts an environmentally friendly design that’s as physically safe as it is biodegradable. Cycle comes in sets, complete with a protective covering for the toothbrush’s bristles and a detachable sachet of toothpaste. Before use, consumers can remove the protective covering, and rip off the attached packet of toothpaste and once the job is done, Cycle can then be discarded without fear of harming the environment. Packaged in sets of four or five, Cycle makes the ideal travel companion for short camping trips or even indoor getaways that call for a couple of days’ worth of brushing your teeth.

With sustainable design growing in popularity and demand, designers have taken to recycled packaging and biodegradable construction material to home in on their commitment to the environment. The team of designers behind Cycle takes on this global sustainability initiative with a disposable toothbrush that gives value to a new mode of recyclable design, leaving no footprint on the environment.

Designers: Liu Ming, Qin Yimeng, Chen Yuxuan, Lin Weiting, & Yan Tian

Coming in sets of four to five, Cycle comes with a protective covering and detachable sachet of toothpaste for easy application. Users simply remove Cycle’s protective covering, detach toothpaste sachet, apply the toothpaste, and discard after use.

Rivaling only with pre-existing plastic toothbrushes, Cycle leaves no footprint on the environment.