Better Than The iPad

Most kids these days are so addicted to their gadgets that they have forgotten what it is to spend some time frolicking in the park. Climbing walls, swinging on monkey bars and playing on the seesaw are a distant memory. To bridge the gap with technology, the Rocking Pad brings back the charm in playtime. It integrates reality and virtual-reality to develop a new way to play.

  • Rocking Pad User can choose the built-in games or link the games from personal digital device and open up on the Rocking Pad.
  • In the game, it may have different mode to participate, such as competition or teamwork.
  • The system not only brings children to the real world, it also encourages them to interact with others and makes them exercise outdoor while playing.

Designers: Ma Hui-Chuan, Cheng Yan-Jang and Fong Mu-Chern