Kartell Pol Sofa by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

The collaboration between Kartell and the Bouroullec brothers continues. Pol is a sofa with a light chrome steel structure and a backrest and seat in expanded polyurethane, each consisting in a single padded element. Two simple armless elements, one practically fitted onto the other; an austere design which is softened exclusively by the hint of a curve at the ends. An object which reflects a contemporary lifestyle, and personalises permanent or temporary locations making them ultra-functional.

Designer: Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec [ Manufacturer: Kartell ] [ Via: DesignBoom ]


  • manu says:

    impresionante ! beautiful, simple y comodo. it’s good!!

  • Zampik says:

    this is just great design…..so simple. I like it a lot. Design such simple thing is most difficult…and sell idea..even harder…..

  • Will says:

    Excellent design, geometric yet somehow soft looking. Although personally I prefer a sofa with arms. I think it’d be fairly simple for them to make a version of this with arms which I really hope they do because I would definitely pick that up.

  • kegi says:

    my qzestion is where is can find a price vor the sofa?

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