Innovative collapsible travel-mug changes sizes to match your Starbucks order

With 9 different height settings to choose from, this size-adjustable travel mug goes from a slim 1.4-inch hockey-puck to a full-size 600ml (20 oz) mug for your on-the-go beverages… and it keeps your coffee hot too!

Rather adorably named ‘hug’, this new-age travel mug has a uniquely interactive design that looks cool while it keeps your beverages hot. Inspired by a telescope’s collapsible design, hug is a foldable insulated travel-mug that height-adjusts based on your need. When empty, it measures a mere 35mm (that’s about as thick as the average wallet), and can slide right into your pocket, purse, or backpack.

Designer: Ruary Hewson

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The telescopic design, however, lets you unfold the hug to a height of your choosing – going from a small size to carry your cup of green tea to a large 600ml container that’s exactly sized to hold a 20 oz. venti Starbucks order. You can even lock the height too so it doesn’t accidentally collapse or expand on you… basically ensuring that it’s flexible when you want it, and rigid when you need it – a feature that enchants even me, with my 7 years of Industrial Design experience.

At the very top of its unique list of design-benefits is the fact that hug champions the ‘bring your own cutlery’ movement, helping cut down on single-use paper/plastic travel mugs often supplied by most cafés and restaurants. While the concept of carrying your own travel mug or thermos isn’t new, hug just makes the experience easier by providing a hyper-portable solution, making it much easier to be sustainable. The hug uses a clever patent-pending two-part construction to help insulate the beverage within. Its outer layer is made from 10 plastic rings that collapse into one another (like the cylinders of a telescope).

A simple twist of the base helps lock the mug’s height, turning the flexible mug into a rigid one, and essentially allowing you to choose exactly what height you want your mug to be. The construction may seem simple, but it’s backed by stress-testing too, and the collapsing/locking mechanism lasts over 1000 cycles.

Double-walled insulation. Up to 4X more heat retentive than other collapsible mugs.

The inner layer is a BPA-free flexible silicone bag that flexes and folds based on the mug’s height. An air-gap between the outer and inner layer serves two crucial purposes – retaining the temperature of your hot beverage, while allowing the outside of the travel-mug to remain cool to the touch, so you can grip it comfortably.

The collapsible mug is capped off with a rather slick, heat-trapping lid with an intuitively designed sip-lock that opens/closes the sipper with the slide of your finger.

The experience behind the hug is equal parts convenience and consciousness. It’s much easier to carry than most traditional travel-mugs, and can even height-adjust based on your drinks – that’s the convenience. However, it’s also designed to be reusable, reducing your single-use plastic-cup waste by more than 300x per year (if you’re a daily drinker).

Besides, the hug itself is made from recycled plastic parts too, removing as many as 50 bottles or 1kg of ocean waste for each hug produced – that’s the consciousness. Moreover, each hug comes in 100% biodegradable packaging, and by the time it ships to you, the designers at The Huggable Co ensure that its carbon footprint will be offset up to 10x, thanks to its partnership with Gold Standard. Talk about saving the planet with your caffeine addiction!!

The hug comes priced at around $20 for the early-bird edition or $37 for ‘a Couple of hugs’. They’re available in Ocean Blue, Coffee Black, and dual-colored Classic Cream White and Beach Peach. Each hug collapsible travel-mug is even coated with an anti-microbial coating, is dishwasher-safe, microwave-friendly, and is built to last for years with daily use.

Click Here to Buy Now: $23 $35 (36% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $230,000.