This motor-powered fitness machine can fit in bags or even a large pocket

There has been a great deal of interest in home fitness machines in the past few years, but that trend also made many of us painfully aware of how little space we might have in our homes or apartments. That situation is even more poignant for people who are always on the go yet want to retain a healthy and active lifestyle wherever they are. Of course, some people are also able to use this limitation as an excuse to skip a few workouts in the middle of the week, finding no place to set up any kind of exercise equipment in the middle of their office. But what if you could bring your gym equipment with you anywhere you go? That’s the proposition that this fitness machine in a box is making, with a solution that’s partly inspired by the latest innovations in robotics.

Designer: Unitree

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Unitree is a company better known for its robotics, particularly its quadruped robots, not unlike Boston Dynamic’s Spot. That, however, isn’t its only creation, and it has been able to apply the fruits of its inventions and research into something so unrelated but perhaps even more meaningful for regular people. That is the Unitree PUMP, a new kind of portable exercise machine that can replace almost all your gym equipment in training 90% of your muscle groups, whether at home, in the office, or in a hotel room.

At the heart of the PUMP is the robotics company’s unique motor system that can adjust its resistance up to 44lbs (20kg) to give you the most efficient workout, unlike your typical elastic resistance bands. You no longer have to suffer too much resistance or no resistance at all, allowing you to have a consistent pump every time you lift or pull. On a full charge, the motor can last 1,000 reps, and any USB-C power bank can extend your workout in a flash. When you work out, you generate energy that PUMP can convert into electricity. This electricity, in turn, can be used to charge other devices, such as your smartphone. With one press of the Power Generation button, you can turn the PUMP into a makeshift power bank for your mobile device.

Concentric Mode – You can customize resistance from 11 – 44lbs (5-20kg) and a ratio from 0-50%.

Eccentric Mode – Gives you more burn when you’re releasing the weight, giving your muscles more time under pressure.

Constant Mode – Adjust the resistance range from 4.4 – 44lbs (2-20kg). The resistance will be the same whether you’re pulling the rope out, or releasing it back in.

Chain Mode – Choose resistance from 4.4 – 44lbs (2-20kg), but it allows you to schedule resistance and let PUMP adjust resistance automatically while you train.

The best feature of the PUMP, however, is its size. At only 700g and 10cm wide, the box can easily fit in any bag or suitcase. It can even fit in a pocket if you have one large enough to hold it. It can also anchor to almost anything, from door frames to floor to even your foot. This simple configuration is already enough to support multiple exercises, like bicep curls, standing rows, squats, rows, and so much more. Additionally, PUMP offers four training modes, including concentric, eccentric, constant, and chain, each with its own resistance setting. And with just a few accessories, you can have your own space-saving rowing machine, exercise bar, or power rack. You really have fewer excuses to get pumping, no matter where you are.

The PUMP also has a few smarts, thanks to both the built-in controller inside the box as well as its companion smartphone app. In addition to recording your reps and calories burned, the PUMP app also features tutorials and training plans to guide you along your way to a healthier lifestyle. And for those who want a more interesting way to exercise, fitness games based on traditional weight training can add a bit of excitement and fun to your daily regimen.

With Unitree PUMP, you can live the active life you’ve always wanted, anywhere and anytime. Freed from the constraints of space, this innovative motor-powered device can take the place of multiple exercise equipment that takes up almost no space at all. For only $159, you can have your own personal gym in a bag, ready for you to work up a sweat when and where you want to.

Click Here to Buy Now: $159 $259 ($100 off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left! Raised over $520,000.